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A little over a week ago, Spotify announced that they would start offering access to their mobile app for free to the general public with certain limitations. Their mobile offering will give users the ability to shuffle play any playlist or artists' catalog and also allow all users the ability to create their own playlist. The desktop application is already working with the freemium model and has been one of the most successful streaming services in the world. Even with the success of the desktop application, the user conversion rate is still not where it needs to be in order to solidify the Spotify model as one for others to follow. Their mobile offering is the game changer and it's not just for Spotify - but for the whole streaming community. Steaming services have been married to the idea of having a preemium model available ONLY to those who have web access and then just touting that they have an app available for mobile.

Without the mobile access to streaming services, most users have opted to use Pandora or other passive radio listening services to provide them with music With Spotify providing access to their mobile application, this will help show the users the full potential of the service and will help lure them into the full service membership. Other steaming services should take note of what Spotify is doing and offer access to their mobile app to all consumers. Most consumers believe that all streaming services. They have access to the same titles and all they are paying for is the user experience If none of the other services show what they offer in terms of user experience (beyond access to the catalog of titles) they will be left in the dust.